Wesker Conran

I’ve literally just taken receipt of something I’ve been excited about getting for ages! It’s from Insert Coin's latest Resident Evil range; an Albert Wesker-inspired shirt styled after the one he wears in the first Resident Evil.

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Your Servant

As I mentioned a few weeks ago in an earlier post, one area of Dark Souls II that hasn’t left me feeling disappointed is the multiplayer. Multiplayer in Dark Souls was great, don’t get me wrong, but there was plenty of room for improvement and Dark Souls II delivered. Mild spoilers:

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Eyes on: Lydia from Squid Gaming

I’m probably going to be forever jealous of people who can pull off a smashing pair of leggings, as Lydia from Squid Gaming is effortlessly demonstrating.

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Gaming’s Feminist Illuminati

Just a short post! I bought one of Elizabeth Simins' 'Gaming’s Feminist Illuminati' t-shirts because they were rad as fuck. I find they go well with white trousers, or those leopard-print jeans I’ve been wearing out more often and, of course, my perpetual sunglasses.

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